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I’m Kristin. Welcome to my site. (But seriously, I need an agent)

Welcome to my website. You’re likely here because of my shameless self-promotion, demands, pleas, or possibly bribes. Or maybe you have a secret joy of stalking people you barely know only to mock them behind their backs. No worries, it’s cool. I won’t tell anyone. If on the off chance you’re here because you’re interested in my work, I’m very professional. I promise.

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New Release! Extant (Praetorian Saga Book 3)

Check out this gorgeous book cover ... and once you're done, hop on over to Amazon to pick up the latest release from Mary M Wallace: ExtantAs startling new revelations are uncovered, the Praetorians struggle to stay ahead of Ephraim's unthinkable plans. With more and...

Book Review: Rush: Book One by Brooke Page

AT A GLANCE Genre: Romance Length: 286 pages Released: 9/25/18 First in seriesRush by Brooke Page My rating: 4 of 5 stars Brooke found me in one of my writing groups and asked if I'd be interested in reading and reviewing her book. As I had just finished a novel, I...

Book Review: Nightmares, Dystopias, and Other Short Stories

AT A GLANCE: Genre: Short stories, horror Length: 55 pages Released 1/31/19 Debut Book   Nightmares, Dystopias, and Other Short Stories by Christopher Fisher My rating: 5 of 5 stars One of my friends recently released his first book: a collection of short horror...

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