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I’m Kristin. Welcome to my site. (But seriously, I need an agent)

Welcome to my website. You’re likely here because of my shameless self-promotion, demands, pleas, or possibly bribes. Or maybe you have a secret joy of stalking people you barely know only to mock them behind their backs. No worries, it’s cool. I won’t tell anyone. If on the off chance you’re here because you’re interested in my work, I’m very professional. I promise.

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NaNoWriMo Progress Report: Day 5

So I hit the 5th day of nanowrimo. I tend to start off slow and play catch up for the rest of the month, so my 4181 word count is not unusual. If I get in the zone, I can get a couple thousand words out, but - as I'm sure you know - it's quite hard to find dedicated...

#tbt Past Poetry: Parenting

Parenting November 2012 Being a parent is an incredible thing; There’s so much responsibility, As well as worry, fear, and pride. What a strange mix of emotions intermingle As your child grows, learns, changes, And becomes a self-reliant human, Depending on himself to...

Daily Haiku

About a week and a half ago, one of my writer groups had a thread about your day was going - the only catch was that the response needed to be in haiku form. That was the second day of stomach flu at our house, so this was my response: Rest on the soft couch TV,...

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