Mark These Words, Mr. Twain

2009 *Note: This poem was created using a word bank created by common words and phrases of Mark Twain* “It’s an outrage!” The violet-faced Mayor fumed. “Those contemptible brats Wandering the streets In nothing, but, well, nothing!” “You see, um, sir,” His mousey assistant replied, “The money committed To raising the poverty level Was remarked as funds For, uh, pay increases?” “To Hell with that!” The Mayor screamed. “Heaven knows the hard work I do here – day after day. Courting the affluent.” The assistant displayed An awkward smile At the Mayor’s troubled face. “Do you find something humorous?” The Mayor seethed. But the assistant simply Complimented the Mayor’s astuteness And turned to watch The children outside. “Mark my words! Those damn children Will corrupt everyone With their naked influence!” “Forgive me, sir,” The assistant replied As he stripped off His last piece of clothing. “I wasn’t listening.”