Hey! You might love poetry or you might hate it, but there are a few things to know about reading poems I write.
  1. When you read poetry, only pause at punctuation – NOT at the end of lines. Sometimes (especially with poems with end rhymes), the thought will run from one line into the next; if you pause at the end of a line that doesn’t have punctuation, you’ll be very confused.
  2. Poetry is, by nature, deeply personal. HOWEVER, that does not mean that I’ve personally felt all the things I’ve written about. Sometimes I watch a movie, read a book, or observe people and imagine what they think. Don’t go searching for meaning in my personal life because I can’t promise it’s there. When I have a specific inspiration, I’ll leave a note at the end of the poem.
  3. There are different styles of poetry. I tend to prefer free verse, which has no restrictions. Occasionally I will write rhyming poetry, sonnets, or songs. I particularly like to experiment with sounds and spacing of poetry.
I you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! You can look forward to weekly #tbt poetry starting next week.