Treasure November 2012 I never found value in looks, Nor wealth, Nor possessions, Nor anything that can be bought Or anything on the surface. Superficial value never held any weight for me – As easily gained as lost, It seemed easy to reject. Though they could be beneficial, They never meant much, and No one ever gained my respect Simply by having these things. I used to find value in my accomplishments, In my talents, In my abilities, In my strengths. I prided myself on intelligence, reasoning, thought and words; I was valuable for what I did And what I had the potential to do. The praises and commendations Of friends and family encouraged me and Pushed me on, driving me to be better, do more, go further. This pride of self kept me strong – There was nothing I couldn’t do (As long as I had the will). But when I worked beyond my extent and Was found lacking, I realized there must be more than me. There was nothing more I could do – Nor anyone else for that matter. Yet, what I wanted did not transpire. This left me questioning my true worth. If my strengths, accomplishments, intelligence meant so little, Then what did that leave me with? If I could work hard, do my best, go beyond the norm, And still fall short, What was I missing? There must be more! And so, applying those things that mattered to me so much – My skills, intelligence, and reasoning – I sought. I found that the end of me is the start of Him. I may be perfect, but that still is not enough. I may be smart, but will never know everything. I may accomplish mighty things, but they are nothing compared to His works. And so I found my true value. I find it in humility. I find it in repentance. I find it in my weakness. I find it in my faith. And though my talents and skills are useful, They are no more precious Than money or possessions – Useful for a purpose, But no true prize. My treasure is recognizing that I am a daughter of the King – And will use His blessings (be they gifts internal or physical) To do glory for His kingdom So that when I have finished my time here on earth, I may ascend and hear, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” – The only compliment worth fighting for.