I devoured The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. It was a phenomenal read. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect at all. I’d heard that the book was good, but that’s about it. Good is an understatement; from the very first page, I was invested in the characters. I have to admit that the couple sex scenes threw me a bit, but they were (thankfully) not too explicit. That is seriously the only negative I could find. I simply loved this book.


I honestly had an incredibly difficult time trying to write this review – I finished reading it more than a month ago, but I’ve been holding off writing. I think what Time Traveler’s Wife reminded me most of was the anime movie “Your Name,” which I highly recommend. That story is about two people who switch bodies and work very hard to meet  each other, though the distance is great. Though Time Traveler’s Wife has no body switching, it is similar in the sense that it’s about two people meeting each other in an unconventional way, seeking each other out, and realizing that no matter what time or space might separate them, they are meant to be. The ending of the novel was extremely emotional for me because it hit close to home. A friend lost her husband two years ago, and I could see my friend’s loss through one of the main character’s eyes. I was broken all over again for my friend as I read about the fictional character, but cried tears of joy at the end of the novel. I think if you’ve ever loved and lost, this might be a tough book to read, but I also think it’d be reassuring that love, no matter how it ends, is timeless.