November 2012

I’ve never been in more awkward situations
Than since I began to follow You
You’ve led me into situations where I’ve
Swallowed my tongue
(not to mention my pride),
Been one against many,
Kept silent when raging,
Been mocked, cursed, and belittled, and
Had my love returned only with hate,
(and that’s just to name a few).
Any one of these things
Might have made
A lesser me crumble,
But I know in each of these instances
I was not alone –
You were right beside me.

And so I can withstand any
Life throws at me
Resting assured that I
Face it alone.
I have more powerful backup
With me than any opposition
I could possibly face.
And knowing that
I can walk into anything
Fully confident that
You will use the
To Your advantage.