Oct 2012

(Hint: If you’re not used to reading poetry, ONLY breathe at punctuation – read straight through line breaks – it’ll make more sense.)

Sweet sleep,
I fall into your arms.
Your feathered goodness
And blanketed charms

Beckon me
To join you now,
Though I’m afraid
I don’t know how

To comfortably
Lay in bed
With thoughts of the day
Running through my head:

The tasks I’ve done,
Those yet to do,
And my one last duty
To see through –

And so I kneel
On the floor,
And call out a prayer
To God, once more.

I thank Him for
Each thing today –
There is no lack
Of things to say –

For I know
I’m truly blessed …
But then I begin
With my requests.

I ask for health
For others, for me,
For peace, for comfort,
To those in need.

For understanding
To those still lost
That all will know
Your love, it’s cost.

I pray for everyone
On my mind
And always feel
A bit behind

For there are so many
On my list
This praying thing –
Hard to resist.

But finally eyes
Are drooping low
Head nodding off,
‘Tis time to go.

So I bid farewell
To my dear friend
Knowing that we’ll
Chat again

And now I slip
Into my slumber
My feeble mind
No more encumbered.