Ahoy, Mateys. Buckle up yer bootstraps for a mighty big announcement from yours truly.

Today be Talk like a Pirate Day. I always be happy on Talk like a Pirate Day, and me daughter always rolls her eyes. Yar-har.

But that’s beside the point.

Today, I think it’s a perfectly fitting day to announce the topic of my nanowrimo project this November.

Adventure on the Epi: In Search of Liquid Gold

(This is a working title and is extremely likely to change)


Join Captain BlackBerry and his crew of outcasts, drawn together by their food allergies and intolerances, as they travel the seven seas in search of liquid gold: a fabled food with no known allergic reactions. Along their journey, they’ll incounter the perils of unknown foods, cross-contamination, and well-intentioned villains who simply don’t believe food allergies exist. Will they survive, or will a peanut bring down the Epi?

Keep a weather eye out, Mateys – my newest novel adventure will be setting sail November first, traveling at a brisk speed of 1667 words each day – that is, if all goes according to plan. But we all know that’s rarely the case with pirates…