Invading Darkness

Nov 2005

I love this poem; what I love most is the sound of these words spoken out loud with the sonnet rhythm.

A cave of shade hides in a winter park
Tucked away from the moving rush of life,
Where blackness reigns and cold cuts like a knife,
Where leaves block light and dark only breeds dark.
A chill breeze blows and light dances below –
Small specks of the sun trespass through the trees,
And the canvas of snow heightens the seas
Of waves dark and light – though the darkness grows.
A seated man rests in this makeshift night,
Eyes closed and arms crossed to hold in his heat,
Motionless he sits, frozen to his seat,
Fighting darkness with his small breaths of white.
But if the cold invades, cutting off breath,
The siege is lost, joining darkness in death.