I am so excited to launch this new feature for my website! As I’ve immersed myself into the world of writing, I’ve noticed how difficult it is to be noticed, and I’d love to help authors to get more exposure through announcements, reviews, and features. In addition, I have a passion for encouraging kids and am also launching a young writer feature. All details are below, but if you want to get right to it, click here to submit a request.


At the end of each month, I plan to post a list of new book releases, including genre, blurb, length, and link. I hope to provide an easy place for readers to find new books on a regular basis. If you’re a writer releasing a new book, please shoot me a message with relevant details and I’d love to include you in my list. In addition, I am happy to create an individual post just to announce your book – I just need a blurb, link, and image! Hey, free promotion, right?


Unfortunately, my time is limited, so I can only accept a few books for reviews. As policy, I only blog about books that I’d recommend to a friend. In general, I am not a fan of romance, erotica, high fantasy or overly serious works. I prefer satire, humor, mystery, science fiction, and horror. I also LOVE anthologies. Though I am Christian, don’t assume I won’t be interested in certain topics – you can always ask! I also have a preschooler and elementary student, so I’m also happy to read books geared at those ages. If you’re interested in a book review, send me a blurb and a small sample so I can get a feel for your writing and if it’s up my alley. If so, I’ll get back to you with a request for the full book.

After reading, if your work is not for me, I’ll email with constructive criticism if possible, and I will not feature your work on my blog. If I enjoy your work, I will feature your book on my blog and also post a review on Amazon and Goodreads. If I do blog/review, I promise a 3+ star rating (but I will not run the finished review by you before posting). For those I’d rate as a 1 or 2, I will give you the option of having a review posted.


This is where I get to know other writers and what makes them tick. As much as I’d love to be able to read every book from every writer, I just don’t have time to read them all, but that doesn’t mean I won’t feature you! Author spotlights will include your profile photo, book photo, social media links, and a set of Q&As. Any author, any genre, any age, any whatever is welcome to submit a request to be featured.


In addition to interviewing writers, I like to get a feel for the reading community. This is a low-pressure way to talk about your favorite books, authors, movie adaptations, and all that jazz. I am happy to interview any reader of any age – I just want to know what you like!


This is the section I am most excited about. Growing up, my family was (and still is) very scientific and mathematical, and they had no idea how to relate to me. I’d like to provide a platform for kids / teens to be able to speak their voices, to know that they matter, and that they can accomplish great things. These youth interviews can be for either readers, writers, or both. I’m happy to include a photograph (if approved by parents), but it’s not necessary. I’ll include the kid’s name (alias is fine), age, and basics. I’ll email you a form with questions about favorite books and/or what the kid/teen enjoys writing. If you like, I can also post a sample of the kid’s/teen’s work. This is a very flexible feature – you can give me as much or as little information as you want – whatever you think will encourage your young writer/reader.

I’m looking forward to seeing my blog grow and provide exposure for some writers and books who absolutely deserve it. Please, contact me with any questions! I can’t wait to hear from you. – Kristin