Genre: Short stories, horror

Length: 55 pages

Released 1/31/19

Debut Book


Nightmares, Dystopias, and Other Short Stories
by Christopher Fisher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One of my friends recently released his first book: a collection of short horror stories. I immediately picked it up on Kindle because I love to support fellow authors, especially those I know in person. Of course, that puts me in a bit of a difficult position. When reading the book of a person I know, I’m always afraid that it’s not going to be good, and then I’ll need to either ignore the request for a review or let them know I didn’t enjoy it. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case with this book. Christopher Fisher’s debut book is an easy five star rating. The stories are varied and all equally engaging. The narrator in each tale is distinct from the others, although Fisher’s voice runs through all the stories.

My favorite of these was The Discarded. It is an interesting take on possible outcomes of current or suggested laws. The story was gut-wrenching, and, unfortunately, believable. I felt for the characters, and once I finished the story, I needed to take a break from reading to process.

My second favorite story was the House in the Woods, where the narrator takes you step by step on a journey you really shouldn’t be taking – the narrator tries to warn you, but you just don’t listen. Stylistically, he narration for the story was very creative. It’s told in the first-person, but the first person narrator talks in the second person, using “you do this” then “you do that.” The framework of the first-person narrative allows a bit of distance between the “yous” of a second person narrative, so when you are told you are doing something unimaginable, it’s not as offensive. And yet, you can still feel yourself carrying out the actions of the story. It’s extremely well written, which makes the already-frightening story that much better. As for the other stories? – they are just as good.

I highly recommend this collection to any fans of horror or suspense, or anyone who is a fan of excellent short stories. You won’t be disappointed.

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