At the end of each month, I plan to release a full list of the books I’ve featured throughout the month. Since this is my first list, I’m going to go back just a bit and start in January. Hopefully you find a few good reads on this list!

Notes: Books listed alphabetically by Genre; Amazon links along page are books I enjoyed reading.

FANTASY / ROMANCE: Wolf: Book 3 in the Fairy Tale series by Jody Lynn Daniels. 180 pages, $0.99 ebook, FREE on KU – Maggie Obrien happily lives on a ranch, and everything is going smoothly until he arrives, the man that sent her husband to die; seeing him unearths all the pain and anger, as well as a new emotion that proves he lives up to the nickname “The wolf”.

FANTASY / ROMANCE / NOVELLA: Forbidden by Erin Crocker; 79 pages, FREE on KU, $1.11 on Kindle, $11.11 paperback – Does evil lurk in Devil’s Creek, or are the residents of Paradise Grove manifesting a darkness far more sinister?

HISTORICAL FANTASY / NOVELLA: Legacy of the Iron Eagle by L.Salt; 98 pages; $2.99 ebook, $12 paperback – A vintage mirror reveals secrets that might have been better forgotten.

HORROR / SHORT STORIES: Nightmares, Dystopias, and Other Short Stories by Christopher Fisher. 55 pages, $3.99 ebook, FREE on KU.  A collection of short stories exploring the future, a post-apocalypse, and the dark corners of the world.

HORROR / THRILLER: Dead Petals by Alan I’Anson. 344 pages, $3.96 ebook, FREE on KU – A murdered little girl whispers in the night.  What does she want? And what does she know?

MAGICAL REALITY / ANTHOLOGY: Magical Reality by Pixie Forest Publishing; 262 pages,  13 stories, $0.99 ebook, FREE on KU – Read about mermaids, fairies and dragons in our modern world as they go on adventures to save the world, bring an extinct species back to life, and fall in love at the most inopportune times. 

MYSTERY / HISTORICAL / WOMAN SLEUTH: Mystery Along the Danube by A. Nation. 250 pages, $3.99 ebook, $9.99 print – A European trip turns deadly as Rosetta and her daughter travel through Europe on a river boat.

POETRY: Bared by Mystqx. 117 pages, $2.99 ebook, FREE on KU – Come and experience sensations bared under a myriad of skies; feel the passion, longing, rage, fear, darkness, hope, strength, exhilaration, happiness, peace, love –  written with beautiful honesty on the pages.

ROMANCE / CONTEMPORARY: Long Road Home by Kate Stacey 246 pages, $2.99 ebook, $15 paperback, FREE on KU – Will their road come to an end or will they find their way home?

ROMANCE / MILITARY / CONTEMPORARY: Shades of Sepia by Laura M. Baird. 199 pages $3.99 ebook – Can Tasha & Marcus find more in common than their explosive chemistry?

ROMANCE / SUSPENSE: The Man with the Mafia by Debra J. Falasco, 329 pages, $2.99 ebook – A man who harbors secrets shouldn’t fall for a woman who values trust above all else.

SCI-FI / ANTHOLOGY / POST-APOCALYPTIC: World War Four by Zombie Pirate Publishing. 454 pages, 21 stories, $4.99 ebook, FREE on KU. $16.99 Paperback – 20 short stories and one novellette are contained in this action packed anthology featuring space battles, high-tech jet dogfights, strange aliens and artificial intelligences, awesome weapons, and lots, lots more.

SCI-FI / POST-APOCALYPTIC / YA: Margo Flint and the Last Soldier (Mapping the Edge Book 1) by Nick Mazmanian. 237 pages, $2.99 ebook, $9.99 paperback, FREE on KU – Unstoppable 16-year-old Margo defies an order set down by the 8 to keep her at home in Artsiv after she found an ancient map inside an abandoned library; heading out in her gyrocopter with her A.I. companion Catcher, Margo wants to redraw the map, update it, but after narrowly avoiding the creatures living in The Cloud Sea she is shot down!

SCI-FI / ROMANCE: Extant by Mary M. Walace. 255 pages, $12 Print, $5 e-book, FREE KU – Bree is prepared to put her life on the line to help end the war. But what happens when the sacrifice asked isn’t hers? 

YA FANTASY:  The Bladesmith by Megan Grooms; 186 pages; $6.99 ebook – Will Lena, a struggling female blacksmith, get everything she has ever wanted, or will her life be forever changed by the truth that has been kept from her?

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