Bared – Beneath a Myriad of Skies is a unique find. Revel in the exquisite art of prose and poetry composed of intense imageries and intriguing visuals. Every page evokes a different emotion. Every leaf leads you to a different discovery.

This unique 117 page poetry book inspires and encourages love for self and others, inner self-discovery, understanding relationships and appreciating the beauty of life. The visuals in the book (mandala art, the essence of a woman, beauty of nature) awaken a sense of creativity leading to an inspired mind. The blank writing pages can be used as your diary/journal to help you express yourself.

Come and experience sensations bared under a myriad of skies. Get your hands on it and feel the passion, longing, rage, fear, darkness, hope, strength, exhilaration, happiness, peace, love –  written with beautiful honesty on the pages.


Genre: Poetry

Length: 117 pages

Published: Feb 14, 2019

PRICE: $2.99 ebook, FREE on KU

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(Poem text)

– It is Time –

So asked the rabbit who lives life

 like there’s only one sunrise, 

“How does love live

and how does love die?”


The turtle who has lived to a hundred, 

dazed and bemused he replied,

“Love lives only for one reason

but dies even without justification.”


“Love lives to protect – that is the reason. 

Beginnings doesn’t always come knocking 

but endings have lots of little signs

that come with the season’s passing.”


The firefly who silently listened

came to reconcile with her existence

Love – mystical like her, lives and dies

 just because – it is time.