Pet Rocks


When I was young,
I always wondered
About kids
Who had rocks as pets.

Why? I’d ask myself.
If you can’t have a real pet,
There are alternatives:
Name a wild animal,
Find an insect,
Or nurse a plant.

After all, a rock can’t do anything.
Can’t run,
Can’t play,
Can’t respond,
Can’t sleep with you,
Can’t learn tricks,
Can’t be there for you.

But today I realized there are
Many other things a rock can’t do:
Can’t run away
Can’t bite,
Can’t ignore you,
Can’t get hurt,
Can’t get old,
Can’t die.

Maybe those kids with pet rocks
Were onto something.
If you have a pet that can’t die,
You never have to deal with death.
What better way to prolong your childhood?