Genre: Magical Reality, Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Anthology, Short Stories

Length: 233 pages

Release: 3/6/19

Cost: FREE on KU, $0.99 on Kindle, $10 paperback


Magical Reality by Donise Sheppard

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I picked up this anthology the day it was released for several reasons: I love short stories and magical reality, I knew the publisher behind the book, and I love reading material from indie authors. There’s something fantastic about having just a taste of various writers, and I find myself seeking out the writers for my favorite tales.

For anthologies, I tend to rate each story individually, then take an average. This set of tales received an easy 4, falling a bit short of a 5 due to two stories I didn’t particularly enjoy (they weren’t bad, just a bit wordy and predicable) – since there wasn’t anything wrong with those stories, other than that they weren’t my jam, I think the anthology deserves a 5.

My absolute favorite story was Love in Bloom. I absolutely hated what the characters were doing, but I found myself liking all of them and understanding their voices, even if I didn’t approve. The fact that Donise Sheppard (the author) was able to make me like characters I didn’t want to like is a testament to her writing skills.

Overall, this is a fantastic set of stories, especially for those who love magical reality.

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