This month did not go at all the way I expected it to go. I had every intention of sitting down and getting a bunch written this month, but, yeah – that didn’t happen.

My goal was 30 hours at Camp NaNoWriMo, but ideally was to finish the second draft of This Book is a Disaster. How much did I actually edit during April? About 2 hours worth – far short of my goal.

 Why you ask? Because we had a house emergency – a pipe broke and we discovered mold, which led to various days of testing and awaiting results, moving everything out of the affected areas, losing two bathrooms (yay, we have a 3rd!), and all sorts of other craziness. Do you see the picture on the right? Yeah, it’s our downstairs bathroom. It’s been a lot of work, a lot of last minute changes in plans, and a lot of people. Man, I’m so peopled out.

Not only that, my Grandfather decided to downsize to a smaller home, so he purged his stuff, leading to several days of visiting him and picking up some fun things from him as well as helping pack up a teeny tiny bit.  See the image on the left? This was the thing everyone in my family wanted – a wooden rabbit puzzle from one of my grandparents’ trips … and now it’s MINE! Mwahahaha.

What I *did* manage to do was fix my website. I quipped that I should’ve made my goal 30 hours of website work because with only fixing the issue, I put in about 15 hours (and 7 support people). Factor in the amount of time I spent building blog posts before I found out about the website issue, and we’re looking at over 20 hours. Incidentally, if you were curious, the problem was that certain categories weren’t displaying when you clicked on them through my blog.

Turns out there was a small problem with my theme, where I had clicked “grab first image,” which is one of the options that apparently doesn’t work. Once I turned that off, the category pages started working properly, but I needed to go through and edit all of my prior posts to update the images. As a result of this issue, a few of my scheduled posts failed to post, so I’m behind schedule. Connected to this issue, I’ve lost track of which authors I need to contact and post about, so I need to start digging through my emails. On the plus side, I fixed several small issues, which is making my website run more smoothly now.

And that’s not even getting into Easter, hosting Passover, Spring break, sick kids, broken mirrors, influx of etsy orders, and trying to plan a major church event. This month has been a royal PITA and I’m glad it’s over (even if May isn’t looking a whole lot better at this point!).