L. Salt is a multi-genre published author from the UK. She writes  primarily speculative history, thrillers, suspense, mysteries, and sci-fi. Two of her novellas have been published by an American publisher and her debut full-length novel been published with an Australian publishing house. Her short stories have appeared (and will appear soon) in various anthologies and magazines, both on-line and in print.

When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I think I always wanted to write whether it should be fiction or articles for bloggs, magazines, sites, etc. My journey as a fiction writer started at school, at the age of 12-13. I wrote a sci-fi series about time travel and another dimensions.

How long did it take you to write Legacy of the Iron Eagle? What was the hardest section to write? Or what was your favourite scene to write?

I’m a slow writer. It took me about four months to write it and about a month to edit/proofread. Editing and proofreading are always the hardest, most boring parts of writing. When you edit, you sort of return back to your plot and your characters. Although I love all my characters, but I don’t like to repeat myself. My favourite scenes are scenes where good guys turn into bad guys or vice verse. I love to write characters’ dream, visions, and everything paranormal and illogical (there’re lots of scenes like that in my book).

How many short stories have you written? Do you have a favourite? If so, where can I find it? How many short stories have you written? Do you have a favourite? If so, where can I find it? 
  So far, I’ve written a few short stories in different genres. Not all of them have been published yet. You can find my short stories in different anthologies and magazines, both in print and on-line. My latest short story, a speculative history drama Red Days, White Nights features in Royal Scoundrels anthology (Book 2). The plot set in Russia and Scotland in 1918, and tells the story about the last Russian tsar, Nicholas II, and his whereabouts after the October Revolution. All my published short stories are available on Amazon, some of them are also available on other major platforms like Nook, Kobo, etc. You can visit my Amazon Author Page here.

 What is your favourite genre to read? To write? 

I’m a multi-genre author and a pretty much multi-genre reader. There are a few genres I don’t read and, as a result, don’t write (erotica, epic fantasy, for example). My top favourites are historical and speculative history, thrillers, dramas, sci-fi, suspense, mystery, magical realism, and classics, of course.  

Do you have any writing routines? I tried to get into the routine, but it doesn’t work for me.  I don’t have any special schedule for writing either. I set myself a goal to write at least 500 words per day, apart from certain days when I’m on holiday, away or working. I can skip some days, but sometime I can double this amount. I prefer to write from early afternoon till early evening. I can’t do anything creative in the morning.

What are you working on now?

At the moment, I’m finishing my third novella The Seeds of Stars. It’s a thriller/sci-fi/action story with the plot set in present days Scotland, Berlin, and Adriatic coast of Montenegro. It will be published by Crazy Ink Publishing in December this year.

Is there anything you’d like to plug?  

I’d love to tell a bit more about my latest “solo” release, Legacy of the Iron Eagle. It’s a thriller/mystery novella with some elements of history and suspense.

The main character, Philip Rutkowski, a son of a Polish immigrant, “enjoys” all the benefits of big city life—a boring, routine office job, the everyday long commute, a massive mortgage, and rare nights out with a few friends.

          Everything changes for Philip, when his colleague and best friend, David Zilberschlag, gives him a vintage mirror to help his friend to decorate his newly-bought apartment. The mirror belonged to David’s deceased granddad, a Holocaust’s survivor, who believed that the mirror hides some dark secrets from the past. Both friends don’t believe in old man’s “fairy tales”, but when Philip continues to see visions of a German SS-officer in the mirror who tries to talk to him, he has nothing to do, but to try to find the answers to the questions he doesn’t know. 

The investigation leads the two friends to a tiny town of San Augustine del Agua, hidden deeply in the woods of Misiones Province (Argentina). There, they meet Claudia Alvarez and her friendly grandparents, the proud members of a huge German community.Eager to find out the truth behind the mirror, lost in the woods full of evil and possessed by his visions, Philip slides deeply into madness.  Philip tries to fight evil, but he’s not strong enough to resist it…

I love history of World War II. This dramatic period of history still leaves more questions than answers for historians and researchers, and continues to tease imagination of authors and writers with its theories and conspiracies. This is my second novella dedicated to this subject.
I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do…

BONUS: Do you have any pets? Why do they have the names you gave them?
I have an amazing fur baby, Rocky the pussycat. He’s named after Dwayne Johnson the Rock, because he has similar look.

If you could be any animal, which one would you be and why?
I’d probably be some big feline. Pussycats are my favourite, and I always admire their independence, elegance, agility, mystery, and intellect.

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