October 2012

“Another song?
Another verse?
Do we need more?
Quite the reverse.

All those Jesus songs –
They sound the same;
About God’s love,
Praising His name.

No more, no more,
We’ve had enough,
These can’t be new,
It must be fluff.

To praise your God,
With ceaseless repetition,
I cannot take it –
I’ll start a petition!

How can you love
Someone this much
One you cannot see,
Or smell or touch?

Is He that great,
That strong, that true,
Just tell me,
What has He done for YOU?”

“Oh my poor friend,”
With a hug and a reply,
“I wish you knew!”
And I heaved a sigh.

“All my verse,
My prayers, my praise –
A passing moment in
Endless days.

For you and I will go,
Just like those past
These fading moments –
They do not last.

This body is but
A fleeting thought,
A speck of dust
For I’ve been taught

That I am loved enough
To be saved
By Jesus sent –
This world He braved.

He died for me –
For you as well! –
That’s why I sing
Of Heaven and Hell.

For my few words
I deeply feel
It’s why I write –
It’s why I kneel.

My words may not
Yet be for you
But I hope you think
Your opinion through,

For I love you dearly,
And I long to see
You sing a new song
Of praise with me.”