I am so excited, you guys. I was trying to figure out a positive reward system for my 4 year old since he’s got anger /self control issues. I could try to make my own chart, but honestly, I’m lazy (in regards to this, anyway), so I looked up charts on Amazon. I found way too many that tracked several things (brushing teeth, making bed, putting away dishes, etc), but I only wanted to track one thing: good behavior. 

 I ended up finding these fantastic charts that we super cheap, and exactly what I needed. Plus, they’re simple and small, so they fit on my bulletin board or fridge. It’s a set of 36 charts with stickers for less than $6 and is included in Amazon prime. Can’t beat that!

Since it came with several charts, and I wanted to be able to reward my daughter as well for completing a challenge of her own, I turned one into a summer reading chart. Since there are 30 boxes, and that’s an awful lot of chapter books to read over the summer, I made two boxes equal one book, totaling 15 books over break – doable, but a challenge.

I picked 10 different genres of books, then gave her five free book choices. We don’t have all these genres, so we’ll need to make trips to the library and do some hunting.

Seeing the charts, my daughter also requested one to track daily writing, which her teacher suggested to keep up on writing skills over the summer.

And, since we already have 3 charts going, my kids decided I should have one too, so I filled one out for daily exercise. I already have a sticker… I’m totally beating my kids already. Not that it’s a competition or anything. (But it totally is.)

Anyway, I highly recommend this pack of charts as an easy way to challenge yourself or your kids.

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