Warning: It’s going to sound like I’m trying to sell you stuff, but I’m not. Okay, I totally am since I’m an Amazon Associate, but that’s not why I’m posting. I’m taking all this time to post about my new pens and planner because I’m just so flipping excited to be organized, and I want you to be that happy too. (And if you happen to purchase through my Amazon links, that’s just a bonus.) You’ve been warned!

One day scrolling through Facebook, an ad popped up showcasing a new type of journal. The ad caught my eye and I ended up buying one not too long after. It seemed expensive for a journal, but the reviews were stellar, and after using it for two months, now I can see why.

The format of this journal is unlike any journal I’ve ever seen!

Unlike other journals, this one focuses on making you more productive, reflective, and grateful. The different sections help me to tackle the day with a joyful, can-do attitude, and finishing the day/week follow-up section helps me realize what I can do better (rather than focusing on where I failed). Because it has 3 sections (month, week, and day), I am better able to focus on immediate goals while planning long term as well.

I cannot recommend this journal highly enough. Aaaand, if you’re getting a fancy new journal, you should probably get some pens to go with it!

If you’re looking to get yourself organized, do yourself a favor and pick up this journal (and treat yourself to some great pens while you’re at it!). Happy organizing!

I created a slide show to show you some of the features of the Panda Planner and the Tebik pens. Check it out (please, it was hard work!)

I picked up these fantastic pens at the same time since I wanted something fine line. When the pens came in, I was really surprised because I didn’t realize that they also came with stencils! I was so excited because that added an extra level of possible creativity without adding too much extra time/distraction. As you can see from my pictures, I use the stencils occasionally – when I have time or when I want to distract my kids by having them choose images and colors. I do not always use the stencils or even all the colors, but when I’ve got a lot going on, they sure are a fun way to relax and make things interesting.

It’s worth noting that these pens do not bleed through the paper in these journals. They are an excellent combination. Plus, so many colors! And stencils too! Such a great deal, seriously.

Best Planner Ever

I love this planner so much you guys. If you are disorganized, you totally need this.

Click through the slideshow to see images of the month, week, and daily pages, as well as my new favorite pens!

Tebik Pens and Stencils

This set is fantastic! The pens don’t bleed through the pages, there’s a wide assortment of colors, and the pack comes with stencils!

Tebik Stencil Details

There are 5 different sets of stencil sheets, most with images small enough to be perfect for planning or journaling. Bonus: There are long ribbons and divider images if you don’t want a Panda Planner, but prefer to bullet journal.

Panda Planner Monthly

This is what one of the monthly sections looks like.  The month pages have a blank calendar (you fill in the dates in the corner), a box on each date to check to help develop a daily habit, sections for tasks, goals, and reflections on the month. There are 6 months in the regular Panda Planner.

Panda Planner Weekly

There are 16 weeks in the Panda Planner. The weekly pages have a section for reflection on the prior week, then breaks down specific goals for the week, helping you to focus on different aspects of life (personal, work, family, etc). There are large boxes for major projects to allow you to take notes as well.

Panda Planner Daily

Here’s what the daily pages look like. There are 90 daily pages in the standard Panda Planner, which is 3 months if you fill out the planner every day (which I totally don’t). What you can’t see is the hourly schedule (6am-9pm), the task list, and the reflection on the day section.

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