Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, Religion

Length: 674 pages

Release: 6/21/2011

Cost:  $9.99 on Kindle, $14.94 Hardcover, $15.99 paperback, $8.49 Mass Market Paperback

American Gods (American Gods, #1)American Gods by Neil Gaiman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, but it’s worth noting that it’s much more of an experience than a typical novel. The plot is absolutely gripping, albeit a bit confusing at times. I found myself skimming some passages simply because I wanted to move the story along. However, that’s not what this book is intended for. As wonderful as the plot is, American Gods is about the journey – experiencing each revelation as Shadow (the main character) does, and occasionally plodding along in the dark. The areas where I found myself a bit bored were the sections in which Shadow likely felt the same thing. There’s something to be said for a story that takes its time and allows the reader’s experience to parallel that of the main character’s. If that’s your kind of story (or if you are just fascinated by religion), this is a must-read.

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