These were my Friends

Poem written about 2004, while in college

Kristy, Claudia, Stacie, Dawn, Mary Anne.
They were always there for me, friends to turn to.
I learned through their trials, their problems, their fears.
They were my friends, role models, sisters, teachers.

As time passed, we drifted apart.
I made other friends: Jean Valjean
Montag, Ralph, Sam, Scarlett and Rhett,
But those five girls were always there,
Sitting, and waiting patiently.
I’d fly to them in times of pain;
They’d welcome me with open arms.

I haven’t seen or heard from them in years.
But I know they’re still there, waiting for me.
Much time has passed; I have made more new friends.
Jane, Orra, Guinevere, Eve, Helena.
Yet the old ones remain, tucked away deep.

As long as I know where to look,
I know they will always be there.
They live in my mind, in these lines.
These were my friends. These are my friends.