I’d like to think I’ve gotten the hang of NaNoWriMo. I’ve participated like 5 times and won 3. I tried Camp Nano this year in July and … got bronchitis, so, you know, that wasn’t great. I tried doing my daily haiku, but it got boring. I am awesome with short bursts of creativity, but long term commitment with writing is tough.

 That’s part of the reason Inktober has always been appealing. I have a few artist friends who do Inktober, and I’m always jealous of their amazing art.  Inktober looks like a blast, but I can’t draw. 

oThis year I’m a lot more involved in several writing communities. I say that, but what I really mean is that I’ve spent more time lurking this year. One of the newer trends I’ve seen is to take Inktober and turn it into writing prompts for 50 word stories. I like flash fiction, so I decided to go ahead and try it out, expecting that I’d only do a few days.

We’re only on day 11, but I’ve really enjoyed the challenge. I’ve gone to bed thinking about the prompt for the next day. Whereas most of the writers are just typing over a stock image, I decided it’s inktober, so I really should be handwriting my stories. They’re only 50 words, after all. Since I’m working by hand, part of the process has been figuring out simple drawings I can add to the writing. It’s been really fun thinking about presentation, not just words.


Side note: I also realized how noticeable my central nervous tremor can be on some of my handwriting. It looks like I’m writing during an earthquake! Oh well.

Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying my tiny flash fiction and perhaps getting a laugh out of my questionable art. Shout out to Google images for helping me figure out perspective for some of these! Happy Inktober!