June 2004

Standing in the kitchen,
I wiped away beads of sweat from my brow.
The heat of the stove reached up
Circling my head in an invisible halo.

I continued to stir,
Melting the chocolate.
I breathed in the smell.
Oh, how I love chocolate;
Is there anything in the world more sublime?

Stirring the pot,
I let my mind wander. They say 
“Life is like a box of chocolates.”
But what about people?

People are like chocolate, 
I decided.
We come in different shapes and sizes
Different colors, tastes and smells.

I liked my pot of chocolate.
It was just right;
Not too sweet – 
Just sweet enough.
Yes, he’s perfect.

I continued to stir,
Then added in the walnuts.
I resumed stirring,
Thinking again
About people and chocolate.

Why don’t the walnuts melt?
They go flawlessly with chocolate.
Chocolate and walnuts: the perfect pair.
But still they don’t melt.
They remain separate, no matter how hard you mix.

I sighed and stirred.
Amidst thoughts of chocolate, he walked in.
“What are you doing?”
I kissed him.
“Thinking about how people are like chocolate.”
He looked at me.
“You’re nuts.”