2019 threw me a couple of curve balls, but that’s pretty par for the course. Despite that, I still got a lot done!

Writing Stuff

  • Won NaNoWriMo 2019 with a collection of short stories.
  • Submitted 4 short stories and 2 sets of poems – 5 rejected, one tbd. (Submitted 1 short story in 2018 – rejected)
  • Got about 1/3 way through first round edits on “This Book is a Disaster.”
  • Beta Read: Mystery of Orange Hedgehog (target age 10) and some short stories

Social Media

  • Website: 60 posts. (2018: 56 posts. 0 subscribers.)
  • Facebook:  420 likes, 440 following, 1 giveaway (2018: 155 likes.)
  • Twitter:  329 tweets. 2715 following. 1165 followers. 858 likes. 0 lists, 0 moments (2018: 266 tweets. 2309 following. 1052 followers. 834 likes. 0 lists, 0 moments.)
  • Instagram: 229 posts, 355 followers, 932 following (2018: 106 posts. 187 followers. 610 following.)
  • Pinterest: Started a Pinterest Board! 1.7k Monthly viewers

NaNoWriMo Details

I worked on 11 stories and one chapbook. Here are the word counts:

  • Romancing Rose:12399
  • Tokyo Monsters: 2660
  • Phobia: 1509 (Version 1:  2353)
  • Galactic Stew: 7250
  • Apocalyptic Plague: 3465
  • Chicken Soup:
    • Dog: 1050
    • Cat: 1118
    • Self Care: 1109
    • Christmas: 654
  • Hallmark Christmas: 7127
  • Fantasy Humor: 6259
  • Chapbook: 3563

Total Words: 50158

  • Fiction: 25
  • Short Story / Novella: 4
  • Anthology: 2
  • Indie / Self-published: 15
  • Christianity: 0
  • Writing/Research: 3
  • Non-Fiction: 2
  • Total: 30 books/stories
  • Favorite  Book: With the Might of Angels

Misc Personal Stuff

  • Back in March we discovered mold in our house. We had to tear out two bathrooms and part of our kitchen (I lost my stove for a few weeks). We are STILL in the process of rebuilding. The kitchen works and one bathroom is mostly done (just finishing touches left). The other bathroom is a mess. Thankfully, we are blessed with a third bathroom, so we’ve managed to survive okay. 
  • Attended WhedonCon for the third time as a vendor. Had a great time catching up with friends, meeting new people, and having a weekend away (plus selling things!)
  • Worked VBS (I head up the first grade class with 30 kids and 8 teachers); lots of planning goes into that.
  • Took kids to Great Wolf Lodge over the summer. Holy cow, they have an interactive fantasy game you play with wands. You wave your wand around and it triggers sounds or lights from different paintings or display cases. It’s a full blown, 5-story, magical scavenger hunt. Also, the water park was fun.
  • Halloween Costumes for the year: Joyce (me) and Hopper (husband) from Stranger Things, Black Cat (10 year old daughter), and Pete the Cat (4 year old son).
  • Sold 230 items through my etsy store
  • Volunteered daughter’s class weekly since September: I helped kids with writing, forming outlines, and editing. SO FUN.
  • Hosted mostly weekly get-togethers, including  birthday parties, Friendsgiving, and Christmas Caroling. Took a break while the house was being torn apart, but resumed when house began reconstruction. We have very understanding friends.
  • Sick on Christmas  and New Year’s. Bleh.
2019 was a crazy year, but I feel like I’ve fallen into a groove as a writer, wife, mom, etsy-seller, etc. I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2020 has in store!