Genre: Memoir, Biography, Indie, Self-Published


Length: 378 pages

Release: 5/12/2017

Cost for New Copy:  $6.99 on Kindle, $13.50 paperback, FREE on KU

How I Fucked Up My SuicideHow I Fucked Up My Suicide by Rabeckha Donaldson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is raw. Honestly, had I not met the author and known she was doing okay, I might not have gotten past the first chapter.

I do not recommend this book if you struggle or have struggled with depression because reading it could be triggering. The writing is real and honest; the emotions are what make this book so very effective. There is anger, pain, regret, confusion – all depicting an endless spiral downwards.

However, if you are lucky enough to have never struggled with depression, this book will be eye-opening in a way few other things will be. Hollywood sugarcoats depression, and occasionally even suicide. This book is the exact opposite – everything is in your face, which can make reading each chapter difficult.

It’s worth noting that this book is not grammatically perfect, tends to cycle thoughts again and again, and rehashes memories over and over. It’s frustrating, but that’s what depression feels like. This book is truly more an experience of a depressed mind than a cohesive story. If you’ve been depressed, you’ve experienced all this book had to offer. But if your looking for insight about a friend or family member suffering depression, this book might help you understand then a bit better.

Trigger warning: explicit sex, language, drug and alcohol use, suicidal thoughts (obviously)

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