Genre: Paranormal, Humor, Vampires and mythical creatures, Indie, Self-Published

Length: 212 pages

Release: Aug 31, 2015

Cost for New Copy:  $3.99 on Kindle


SERIES NOTES: 3 books total, 745 pages total.

Overall Series Rating: 4 stars


That Sucked (The Series That Just Plain Sucked, #3)That Sucked by Charissa Dufour
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The second book was really short – much more of a bridge – so I was really looking forward to the third and final book. I really enjoyed the way the characters worked together to collect all the supplies they needed. I particularly loved the ocean scene – I could smell the characters after. 

I was really looking forward to the conclusion. Everything seemed to be going well, then the big plan didn’t work. I was excited to see how the author was going to work out a solution to the problem and instead – she didn’t. The book just ended. There was a big battle at the end, but the arc of the main character just died (along with her) without resolution. It was as if the author wrote herself into a corner and gave up. I wish the series had a stronger ending, but honestly, it was a letdown.

As a whole, the series was an enjoyable, quick read, but the final ending dragged the trilogy down. Overall series rating 3/5. 

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