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Genre: Classic literature, Young adult literature, sexuality, epistolary novel

Length: 304 pages

Release: 1982

Cost for New Copy:  $2.99 on Kindle, $14.45 paperback, $10.51  Mass Market Paperback, $13.65 audiobook

The Color PurpleThe Color Purple by Alice Walker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book so much! I was absolutely shocked by the content, however. I basically knew what the cover of the book looked like and that it was turned into both a movie and a Broadway play, but that’s it. 


So when the narrator started discussing how her father raped her just a few pages in, I was a bit surprised. When, later in the book, there are overt references to same-sex attraction as well as discussion of masturbation, I was, again, shocked. These topics are discussed in a very real way – they are not written for shock value, but rather to be true to the main character Celie.
I loved the dual voices of the sisters in their letters. Each had such a clear way of communicating, which exemplified their backgrounds and current situations. It was really neat to see the juxtaposition of two people raised (nearly) the same way, who became so very different as adults. As a Christian, I loved the plot of Nettie and her experience as a missionary. As a small business owner, I loved seeing Celie grow into herself as a self-reliant, strong character who finds her identity in her work. There were so many fascinating themes running through this novel, I honestly wish I could’ve read it in one of my college courses so I could take the time to pull it apart, which is what it really deserves.

It’s a fantastic story, which is a quick read, but can be read again and again. The depth of the story and the skill of the author almost begs the reader to pick up the book back up as soon as they turn that last page and close it. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would.

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