Genre/Topics: Science fiction, mystery, action

Length: 336 pages

Age: Grades 3-7

Release: 4/21/2009

Cost for New Copy:  $7.99 on Kindle, $13.49 Hardcover, $5.89 paperback

First book in series

Found (The Missing, #1)Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

From an adult perspective:
My daughter had this book assigned in fourth grade, so I decided I’d read it after she finished so that we could talk about it. It’s the first in a book series, and immediately upon finishing this book, my daughter insisted on getting the rest of the set for her birthday, which she promptly devoured.

This book is a page-turner. The plot is fantastic and fast-paced, with a good amount of mystery and general social interaction of young kids. The writing is perfectly geared towards middle grades: I found myself laughing at some of the over-the-top dramatic responses to situations, but they are true to a middle-grade reader. Despite the rather serious situations, the book remains light-hearted and fun. I particularly appreciated the approach to adoption. Adoption is a difficult topic to handle well, and this book explored the different attitudes parents have with telling their kids and how it might affect the child later in life.

A fun read. Recommended for middle-grade readers who enjoy mystery and scifi. 

Review from my 11 year old:
I think this book is for people who enjoy mystery and scifi. The first book wasn’t as good as the rest of the series.

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