I love writing poems. They are self contained and generally come easy to me. I began seriously writing poetry back in college, and was even part of a poetry writing group. I went through a personal challenge in 2012 to write a poem at least once a week, so you’ll see a lot of poems from that year. However, poetry has been in my blood for a long time – I wrote songs as early as elementary school, though those usually were just words set to tunes I already knew.

I prefer free verse so that I can just let thoughts flow – basically stream of consciousness. I generally space the lines based on the sound and feel of the poem. I rarely edit these poems other than for punctuation and spelling.

Other times, however, I prefer structured poetry: 8 syllable 4 line rhyme sets or sonnets in particular. These types of poems take a lot of thought and editing to get the sound right. Almost always these poems are sparked by a set of rhymes or a couplet (sonnet).

I’ve collected various poems from the entire time I’ve been writing them, and decided to post them every Thursday (#tbt). After all – there are more than 100 poems I’ve written since I began, which gives me two full years of tbt Past Poetry. I hope you enjoy them! One more note: Please make sure to read my post How to Read My Poetry.